The Brody Project AAT Teams

We recruit, train and coordinate volunteer animal therapy teams who work alongside health and human services professionals in goal-directed therapy sessions.  Our teams are registered with the national Pet Partners Program and receive additional AAT training from The Brody Project.

For more information on Pet Partners go to:
or contact Judy Peters, Pet Partners Instructor, or 941-764-0303

For more information on being a Brody Project Team member contact Janet Rossano, The Brody Project Volunteer Coordinator or 239-353-2818

To learn more about lending support to The Brody Project in other ways, contact Karen Lasker, Executive Director or 239-325-9328
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You and your pet!
Brody Project
Teams consist of a
handler and a
therapy animal,
usually the handler’s
personal pet. Both
handler and animal
thorough evaluation
and training.
The Brody Project
AAT therapy
animals are:
• Registered with Pet Partners

• Registered with The non-
profit organization with the
mission of improving
human health with the
assistance of service dogs
and therapy animals.

• Acclimated to health care
facility environments, staff
and patients.

• Calm and good-spirited;
they respond appropriately
to unusual noises, smells
movements and emotions.

• Provided with on-going
training by The Brody
Project staff and Pet Partners volunteers.
For more information
about the local
Pet Partners affiliate,
Gulf Coast Pet Partners visit
their website at: